Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Lindenwood

I'm too tired to write anything about the crit, but here are some more photos from the weekend:

Starting lap 2 in the road race.

Eric finishes the road race 6 spots ahead of Tommy Peng.

Hani sprints for 15th out of 61 in the D road race.

Waiting for the race that never happened.  The attitude on display here is what I like to call the "A swagger."
Jared in the C crit right behind the eventual winner Jackson Parr of Iowa (with the stache).

Blurry photo of Hani just milliseconds before that Marian kid takes him out.
Jared at the front.

Brad in the C crit.

Zack rolling on the bricks.

Kevin with his multicolored handlebar tape.
Forgot to put this with the last post. Notice Zack's average hr of 188 bpm and the official Strava status of "Sufferfest."

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